cooking and creating amazing food is my cocaine.

what's your addiction?

Meet The Chef


Malcolm is a world traveled foodie. ​Amongst some serious high stress corporate positions he's also been a nite club owner and worked in a number of kitchens. During this time he played Professional Poker and lived an excessive life. He now considers himself a solopreneur with over 40 years cooking experience and over the last 5 years he has transformed his cooking to focus on high quality ingredients and fresh products.


He founded a mens wellness program called Yogabros, a Mens only Yoga Program, and also started a bicycle recycling business and he is now using his chef experience to offer others amazing food and how to eat for the planet. It is through off grid living and a self sustainability approach around food that he transformed his eating and cooking and so can you.

Gourmet At Home


We offer a cooking experiance in your home for you and guests if required. We provide fresh food that is world class from your kitchen to your table. Lots of food options to make incredible food available to you with ease. Our values and ethical sourcing of ingredients guarantee you the highest quality food without the time factor of extensive preparation. So choose food that is good for you and the planet.

Vegan Food For You.

Guaranteed Vegan!


Catering, Events, Markets and Festivals.

Our vegan meal options provide guaranteed no animal products meals that are healthy and sustainable for the planet, and you can choose the amount of take away portions you need just for you or the whole family. Chef Malcolm personally hand selects the ingredients and everything is made fresh from scratch.


We have a number of transitional recipes to put amazing food on your table with ease. Alternative cooking without animal products does not have to be hard, just ask me how.

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