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About The Chef


Malcolm is a world traveled foodie. ​Amongst some serious high stress corporate positions he's also been a nite club owner, cyclist and professional bicycle mechanic and worked in a number of kitchens. In his professional career years he worked in a number of high output corporate companies including the biggest outsourced services IT Company in the world and the oldest family owned transportable house company in NZ. He's also played Professional Poker and lived an excessive life. He now considers himself a solopreneur with over 40 years cooking experience and over the last 5 years he has transformed his life and cooking to focus on high quality ingredients and fresh products and sustainable living.


He studied yoga and in 2019 he created a mens wellness program called Yogabros, a Mens only Yoga Program, and also started a bicycle recycling business and restores vintage bicycles and coaches others on how to get the most enjoyment out of cycling.  He is now also using his chef experience to offer others amazing food and how to eat for the planet. It is through off grid living and a self sustainability approach around food that he transformed his eating and cooking and so can you.


The Plant Based food revolution is upon us, we are seeing more vegan and plant based products in resturants and stores around the world, it exciting to see plant based alternatives, these can be a great starting point, but lets be honest, the fresh produce section of every supermarket is at the heart of fresh plant based cooking.

Gourmet for everyone


Malcolm offers plant based meals for everyone. He can provide fresh food that is world class from any kitchen to your table. He has lots of meal options to make incredible food available to you with ease. His values and ethical sourcing of ingredients guarantee you the highest quality food without the time factor of extensive preparation. So choose food that is good for you and the planet.

Sustain Me Please

The only thing that is sustainable is something that can renew itself without any impact on anything else. Commercial farming and fishing and meat and dairy production is not sustainable, it requires massive input from multiple sources and is hard to regulate. Malcolm used to work in a regulatory job and understands the deep disconnection from what is agreed and applied, its a topic that he's passionate and always willing to discuss further on his quest to find truely sustainable sources of food.