You are the real burger king - Chris Bertish - Big Wave Surfer South Africa

I ate one of your burgers while visiting New Zealand. Incredible. We had those burgers up on the mountain with a spectacular view and I can tell you that the burger beat the view hands down. Dude that burger is one of my most vivid memories of my visit.

Owen Lonzar - Choreographer South Africa

Yes. It was a dining experience like no other. Not only was daburgerbar the best burgers this side of the equator but you could taste the wholesome heart and soul of Malcolm and his lovely wife in every bite! Although the meal has long passed, the experience never will. 

Neil Meintjes - BirdseyeMedia - Durban South Africa

Have loved every meal ever made by you. There are no half measures and your cooking is full of passion. Wish we could experience your new culinary arts - they’re guaranteed to be awesome 

Kirsten McLeod Groblar - Marketing Guru - South Africa 

Mr M , so much love & passion goes into your cooking. You can taste & feel the love, nothing is too hard or impossible for you. You have the passion, it shows, because we do eat with our eyes, but it tastes delicious too.

Bernice Feeney - Northland - New Zealand

Best burger I've ever tasted!

 Jeff Clark - Mavericks Pioneer - Half Moon Bay USA

Whilst traveling for business i had the moroccan lamb shank...mmm

Andrew Wex - A.M. Howler - Cape Town South Africa